About Us

PT. Sentosa Jaya Properti

PT. Sentosa Jaya Properti is a company engaged in property and agrobusiness trading established in 2012 Surabaya Indonesia with prior experience of agrobusiness trading over 21 years.

Property business run by PT. Sentosa Jaya Properti is renting lands, warehouses, and shophouses. Traded commodities include agricultural product such as cloves, cocoa beans, cashew nuts, corn kernels, coffee beans, etc. PT. Sentosa Jaya Properti is an exporter as well as asupplier of large companies in Indonesia.

PT. Sentosa Jaya Properti is committed in keeping a good relation and focus on long term relationship with our customers as well as our suppliers by ensuring the quality and price delivered to our customers in accordance to the agreement made with our business partners.

PT. Sentosa Jaya Properti as a supplier of raw materials of factories ensures the certainty of supply needed for industrial business process of our business partners and ensuring the prosperity of our suppliers both traders and farmers by valuing their goods fairly.